Russian Lips Vs Filtrd™ Lips

Move over Russian Lips, Filtrd™ Lips are taking the world by storm. Building on the success of HD Lips, Bratz Doll Lips, and BStung, Filtrd™ Lips is the new trend that’s here to stay. With celebrities like Kylie Jenner choosing to dissolve their Russian filler for a different look, it’s no wonder we’re all following in their footsteps. 

Russian Lips are old news so get ahead of the competition and discover Filtrd™ Lips instead. With the Cosmetic Couture Filtrd™ Lips Masterclass you can become an expert in the latest lip trend that’s here to stay.

What’s the Filtrd™ Lips look?

Viral lip filler filters on apps like TikTok and Instagram gives users that distinctive fresh-filler pout as if you’ve just come from the clinic. And now with the new Filtrd™ lips filler treatment, you don’t need an app to look lush everyday – it’s like having a real-life filter!

The Filtrd™ Lips look is a sharp, maximised cupid’s bow, with oral commissures lifted upwards and the bottom lip maximally dropped down. This gives the lips a flat, lifted look that’s suitable for every face shape. Filtrd™ Lips is a trademark owned by Cosmetic Couture so you won’t find the treatment anywhere else.

Russian Lips vs Filtrd™ Lips

Created by the renowned Doctor Evgeny Oks, the Russian Lip filler technique became a big hit in 2015. The signature Russian Lips look was created by injecting fillers strategically into the cupid’s bow to mimic the look of Russian babushka dolls.

In 2020, Holland’s Tom van Eijk revamped the Russian Lips filler technique renaming it as ‘tenting’. However, the basic principle was still the same – plump the cupid’s bow with filler to create a doll lip style. 

During the Russian Lip treatment, the filler is placed strategically in the middle of the lips and injected vertically to lift the area. The lip is widened, lifted and opened without losing lip projection. 

How is Filtrd™ different to Russian Lips?

Filtrd™ Lips are an advancement on Russian Lips using advanced techniques applied by skilled injectors. Instead of lifting just the cupid’s bow, the entire lip is lifted for maximum impact. 

Like the normal fillers and Russian fillers, the treatment time is around half an hour to 45 minutes, and the results last for three to four months. 

How is the Filtrd™ lips look achieved?

Angelia Jolie’s lips have long been admired for their perfect shape, a shape that’s now achievable for everybody with the Filtrd™ Lips advanced filler treatment. 

We get the Filtrd™ look by using hyaluronic acid fillers, such as those by Juvederm, Restylane, Secret Rose and other HA filler brand names. The filler is layered using two different gauge needles, a 29G and 30G. 

The filler is then applied using various advanced techniques such as scraping, candle, microbolus, and lateral fanning. 

Filtrd™ Lips Masterclass

Cosmetic Couture is the UK’s leading aesthetics training academy. We’re always at the forefront of new aesthetics treatments and our Filtrd™ Lips Masterclass is no different. As the creator and trademark owner of Filtrd™ Lips, the original and authentic training course is only available with Cosmetic Couture. The masterclass is taught by an experienced aesthetics practitioner who trained with a Russian doctor to perfect the technique. There’s no other course like ours on the market. 


This is an advanced lip filler course that uses the techniques learned during the Russian Lips course. Therefore, you must have completed a Russian Lips course before enrolling on the Filtrd™ Lips Masterclass. 


Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll receive a Cosmetic Couture certification and a selection of other goodies including a pink diamond broach. Our trainers will also be keeping an eye out throughout the course for the best injector, who’ll be awarded with a diamond broach to show they’re in the elite group of Filtrd™ Lips injectors. 

Reserve your space on the Masterclass and train with the UK’s number 1 aesthetics training provider in the UK. Cosmetic Couture has branches in Manchester, Culcheth, and Cyprus with the Filtrd™ Lips Masterclass available at all locations.

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