PDO Cog Threads for the face and body

Cosmetic Couture is a leading provider of PDO cog thread lifts for the face and body. As leading aestheticians we’ve treated thousands of our own clients with non-surgical thread lifts targeting different areas on the face and body. 

As one of the most recognised training providers in the industry, we’ve also paved the way for aestheticians to offer their own thread lifting treatments available to both medics and non-medics. 

Read on to see why we love the versatile PDO cog thread lift and all the areas it can be used to improve. 

What is a PDO Cog thread lift?

Cog thread lifts are a non-invasive alternative to surgery, lifting targeted areas of the face and body. They’re also known as the ‘no blade lift’ and are used to redefine the natural contours of the face and body and promote rejuvenated, tighter skin from within. 

There are various brands of PDO cog threads used in modern thread lift treatments, these include Intraline, Secret Rose, and EP Line. The threads are made from PDO (Polydioxanone), with tiny barbs that anchor into the skin to keep them in place. 

The threads are medical-grade threads inserted into the dermis layer of skin and then pulled to create a tightening effect. Once in place, the PDO threads also stimulate natural collagen production for increased firmness and plumping of the treated area. 

The threads naturally biodegrade and dissolve into the surrounding tissue after 3-4 months. However the rejuvenating effects of increased collagen in the area can last for twice as long.

What can PDO cogs be used for?

PDO cog threads are used for a range of different lifts across the body and face. Some of the most popular PDO Cog thread treatments for the face include 

  • The Foxxy Eye thread lift made popular by Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid
  • The thread brow lift
  • Nose lifts including the pixie tip lift – a popular alternative to surgical rhinoplasty treatments
  • Lip lifts for increased lip definition
  • The Silhouette soft treatment which become more popular as people opt for PDO cog thread lifts over surgical facelifts
  • Full face lifts targeting the jowls and jawline, the brows, under eye area, forehead and cheeks

PDO cogs can also be used for a tighter, more defined body with treatments targeting

  • The bum
  • The stomach (suitable for pregnant women)
  • The back of the arms or ‘bingo wings’

PDO cog threads are also suitable for use in conjunction with other treatments like the PRP Vampire facial where plasma from the blood is injected into the skin to promote natural collagen and elastin production. Sculptra is another treatment that produces amazing results when used combined with a thread bum lift.

PDO Cog Thread Courses & Masterclasses

As well as offering the treatments mentioned above to our own clients, we also offer a range of PDO thread courses and advanced masterclasses. Suitable for both medics and non-medics, our courses are recognised by industry standards and best practices. They’re also approved by a number of insurance companies, so you can offer your own thread treatments with peace of mind. 

Choose to study at our Manchester, Culcheth, or Cyprus branch and qualify in your chosen thread treatment in just one day. 

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