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Are you planning a career change and hoping to become a beauty and aesthetics practitioner? There are many routes available to you, but if you’re not medically trained, the fastest way to success is to complete a Pathway to Aesthetics course – something that’s likely to be a legal requirement in the very near future. 

The UK government has announced that it will soon introduce new rules and regulations to make the aesthetics industry safer for all. Although it’s not yet stated the exact requirements, it’s safe to bet that all aesthetic practitioners will be required to complete a minimum level qualification in aesthetics. 

What is a Pathway to Aesthetics course?

A Pathway to Aesthetics course is designed for complete beginners and teaches students the foundations of good aesthetics practice. During the course you’ll learn everything you need to know about health & safety requirements, consultation and communication expectations, anatomy and physiology, and client assessment and skin analysis. By the end of the course you’ll feel confident and comfortable delivering a variety of needle-based aesthetic treatments. 

If you are planning on running your own aesthetics businesses, you’ll need a recognised Pathway to Aesthetics qualification to obtain the necessary insurance. That’s why finding a reputable and recognised course is the first thing you need to do before making your debut into the aesthetics industry. 

Completing a Pathway to Aesthetics course is the ideal introduction to aesthetics. You can use it as a platform to hone your skills in aesthetic treatments like dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections, as well as understanding the health and safety basics you’ll need to keep your clients safe.

Why is the Cosmetic Couture Pathway to Aesthetic course different?

Maxine McCarthy, founder of Cosmetic Couture, created the UK’s first Pathway to Aesthetics course in 2012. The level 3 course was created in conjunction with Cathedral Insurance and VTCT and paved the way for many of the other Pathway courses that are on the market today. The difference between Maxine’s original cause and the ones that followed? Maxine’s course is fully accredited and recognised by awarding body SFJ. Maxine was also the first person to request insurance companies like Finch, Insync and Cathedral recognise the importance of these courses. 

In 2012 Maxine also established the Association of Cosmetic Practitioners in Britain (ACPB) – a charity dedicated to fighting for the rights of non-medics working in the aesthetics industry. Through her work with the ACPB, Maxine has raised industry standards across the board and will continue to do so. 

Through Cosmetic Couture, Maxine is now contributing towards the new pathways programmes that will be required to enter the industry. Maxine’s years of experience combined with the outstanding reputation of Cosmetic Couture as the UK’s leading aesthetics training provider ensures that our Pathways to Aesthetics course remains the best in the country. 

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