Non-surgical breast enhancement – the “lunchtime” boob job

It’s been dubbed the lunchtime breast enhancement or the lunchtime boob job. The no scar, no knife and no stress boob job and also cleavage enhancement.

We have been injecting fillers in faces for many years – lifting and enhancing facial features in much the same way that we have been surgically lifting and enhancing breasts.

So why can’t we lift and enhance breasts using fillers or even give that cleavage contouring a boost?

Well, we can. We can have a dermal filler breast enhancement or a dermal filler cleavage contouring.

All we need is slightly more robust or thicker fillers with a with a higher hyaluronic acid concentration and better filling ability, suitable for other areas of the body.

That allows us to carry our procedures that restore volume to indents left after liposuction, correct the appearance of scars, and even add volume to buttocks or calves.

So why not breast enhancement? You won’t go from an A cup to a D cup, but it could add enough volume to bump patients up a cup size and to smooth and shape the breasts for a perkier, more youthful look.

One of the main products used for this is called Macrolane VRF (volume restoration factor) and it is made of non-animal stabilized hyaluronic acid (NASHA) much like its more well-known cousin, Restylane.

But Macrolane is thicker and therefore able to fill a larger area without spreading.

Like all fillers Macrolane works by holding more moisture to help increase volume and smooth the skin’s surface.

And again, like all dermal fillers, the product breaks down over time, meaning it leaves the body’s system – so treatments need to be repeated.

But for those women who want a slightly larger breast or to maybe fill out a small chest or help a breast imbalance this could be the treatment for you without the need for expensive surgery.

Let’s look at the benefits of dermal filler breast enhancement. There are two massive advantages over other procedures.

The first and main benefit is that it will give a natural look pretty much instantly. One report we read by a respected UK journalist said she saw 10cm added each side of her A cup boobs in 10 minutes!

The results were so instant and so impressive she thinks she remembers kissing her practitioner through a haze of anaesthetic.

Secondly the procedure is less invasive than any other form of cosmetic breast enhancement surgery or procedure – it’s just a needle or cannula.

Although there are some attendant procedures and checks you should be aware of.

You should be assessed for suitability by your practitioner and take a mammogram. You should also take pain killers before the procedure and antibiotics.

The practitioner will use anaesthetic because there is some pain associated with this. Indeed, it can be painful for a few days.

But generally, there’s way less downtime than more invasive breast enhancement procedures.

Things to think about if you may be considering this kind of procedure are the effects of fillers in the breast on the ability to breast feed and also the possible side effects or adverse effects.

There is also some debate around the possible impact of this procedure on radiological imaging – whether lumps can be masked by the filler in the same way the same debate surrounds other forms of breast implants.

So, is it safe?

A large study of 4000 women treated in this way published in The National Center for Biotechnology Information, found no serious systemic complications occurred and that with small volumes of filler it was possible to “increase breast enhancement of up to one cup size, to correct differences between breasts and to create fullness in the upper portion of the breast”.

Cosmetic Couture, the UK’s leading aesthetic training academy and it’s sister company Hope Medical are now offering courses in dermal filler breast enhancement and cleavage contouring.

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