Mesotoxin Course

 Who is this course for?

Mesotoxin is a treatment designed to help your clients manage oily skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. It’s similar to Botox, except the Mesotoxin treatment uses a diluted toxin solution and a much smaller 0.5mm meso stamp.

During the treatment, the mesotoxin is injected into a larger area of skin, usually the T-zone. It’s also Injected into the dermis instead of the muscle to give much faster results than traditional Botox treatments.

During this course you’ll learn all about the benefits of the mesotoxin treatment and how to deliver it to your own clients.


Entry Requirements

To study this course you must be trained in our Foundation Anti-Wrinkle Course


Course Overview

The Mesotoxin course consists of the following modules

  • Anatomy of skin
  • Injection Techniques
  • Treatment areas
  • Products used
  • Costing and earning potential
  • Live demonstration and model
  • Products purchase available post course


Note: As toxins are a prescription only medicine(POM), a prescriber will need to prescribe the medicine for you.

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