Lidocaine Infusion

Lidocaine Infusion

Who is this course for?

The Lidocaine Infusion course is designed for aesthetic practitioners who would like the option to administer extra pain relief for their clients during treatments.

 Entry Requirements

This course is open to anyone who has completed the Foundation Dermal Fillers Course.

 Course Overview

Lidocaine is a numbing agent often used in dental surgeries throughout the country. It is perfect for clients who would like to be more comfortable whilst they undergo lip enhancement procedures.

 The course will teach you how to administer lidocaine in the correct dosage for each client, the potential side effects, as well as aftercare advice.

 Course Components

The Lidocaine Infusion course consists of the following theoretical and practical components.


Theoretical Components:

  • Structure of Lidocaine
  • Suitability for Lidocaine
  • Nerves
  • Side effects
  • Consent forms
  • Aftercare
  • Managing expectations
  • Client consultation
  • Hygiene, sharps disposal and legal aspects

Practical Components:

  • Injection techniques
  • Live demonstration
  • 1 live model

Course Duration and Cost

3hrs inhouse training

Course Cost: £600.00

All aspects of the course are mandatory


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