Filtrd™ Lips versus Russian Lips – which is best?

You’ve heard all about Russian Lips, but now it’s time to discover Filtrd™ Lips. Why settle for anything less than maximum volume and maximum impact? 

Read on to see why the Filtrd™ Lips look is making waves in the aesthetics industry and why it’s the must-try treatment for 2022. 

What are Russian Lips?

Inspired by the lips of traditional Babushka Russian Dolls, the Russian Lip technique was created by Doctor Evgeny Oks in 2015. It’s since become a worldwide phenomenon with celebrities like Katie Price and Kylie Jenner first to try the new trend. 

In 2020 Holland’s Tom van Eijk put a new spin on the Russian Lips filler technique renaming it as ‘tenting’. However, the aim of the filler was the same, focusing on the cupid’s bow to create a doll lip style. 

Russian lip fillers focus on lifting the lip instead of adding loads of volume, so it’s perfect for any face shape. There’s also no need to worry about migrating filler or ‘trout pout’ with this treatment as it makes lips flatter rather than plumper because height is the main goal.

During the treatment, tiny droplets of filler are added vertically into the centre of the lip and then dragged upwards to create the unique Russian look. The treatment takes twice as long as standard lip fillers, taking around 30-40 minutes to complete. 

The vertical application of the filler lifts the top lip and drops the bottom lip accentuating the cupid’s bow to create the perfect Russian pout. In traditional lip filler treatments, the filler is injected vertically focusing on plumpness rather than height. The finished look is a dramatic emphasis on the centre of the lips, while the rest of the lip is flattened rather than voluminous. 

How much do Russian Lips cost?

The cost of Russian lip filler varies between clinics, but on average you can expect to pay more than a traditional filler treatment. Russian Lips uses more filler than other lip augmentation treatments and takes longer to perform.

How long do Russian lip fillers last for?

The results of Russian Lip fillers last for 9-12 months before you’ll need to top them up again to keep the desired shape. 

What are Filtered™ Lips?

Filtrd™ Lips are the next generation of lip augmentation taking the place of Russian Lips as the must-have look. Designed to give you that filter-fabulous look every day, Filtrd™ Lips are the new viral filler of 2022. Filtrd™ Lips is a trademark of Cosmetic Couture so you won’t get this dramatic look anywhere else.  

Like Russian Lips, Filtrd™ Lips maximises the cupid’s bow for height at the centre of the lip. However, this treatment goes a step further, adding volume to the rest of the lip too for maximum impact. Both treatments use Hyaluronic acid filler from brands such as Secret Rose, Juvederm, and Restylane. 

The Filtrd™ Lips treatment uses a variety of techniques to achieve its trademarked look. Firstly, the filler is layered using two different gauge needles, a 29G and 30G. Then the aesthetician uses a mixture of scraping, candle, microbolus, and lateral fanning techniques to move the filler into the correct position. By the end of the treatment the top lip is maximally lifted upward and the bottom lip is maximally dropped downwards, with height and volume the main focus. 

How much do Filtrd™ Lips cost?

The price of Filtrd™ Lips treatment is similar to that of Russian Lips, and slightly higher than traditional lip augmentation. This is because the Filtrd™ Lips look requires more filler to achieve its signature height and volume. 

How long do the results last for?

Filtrd™ Lips last for 9-12 months but you may need top-up treatments in that time to maintain the look. 

Where can I get Filtrd™ Lips?

The Filtrd™ Lips look was created by Maxine McCarthy of Cosmetic Couture and you won’t find this trademark look anywhere else. Treatments are available from our branches in Manchester, Culcheth and Cyprus.

Want to offer Filtrd™ Lips to your own customers? Take part in our Masterclass to become a Filtrd™ Lips expert. 

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