Brazilian Butt Lift_ Bum Fillers Q&A Blog Post

Brazilian Butt Lift/ Bum Fillers Q&A Blog Post

 The Brazilian butt (or bum) lift is one of the most popular non-surgical treatments in the aesthetics market. Get the bikini bottom you’ve always dreamed of with this painless procedure that will give you long lasting results.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian butt lift is a non-surgical buttock enhancing treatment achieved using hyaluronic acid fillers. The treatment provides instant lifting results and restored volume to the area by injecting filler along the top of the buttocks and into any depressed areas. 

The benefits also continue to improve the appearance of the buttocks over the next 6 months as natural collagen production increases. It’s the perfect way to get a perky bottom with minimal downtime and long-lasting results.

How long does the BBL last?

The results of the Brazilian Butt Lift are visible almost immediately and last anywhere from several months to years depending on how many treatments you have. Treatments can be performed every 2-6 weeks until you get your desired results.

Who is the Brazilian Butt lift treatment for?

The Brazilian Butt Lift treatment is ideal for clients who want to enhance their natural shape without turning to implants. It is suitable for men and women who are not seeing the results they want from exercise. It is used to correct flatness or sagging, and minimising the appearance of dimples and cellulite.  

The treatment targets specific areas that may be hard to target through training, giving great results and a long-lasting shape.

How much will my shape change?

The Brazilian bum lift treatment enhances your natural shape, rather than changing it. During your consultation, we’ll discuss your natural shape and show you the results you can expect from your treatment.

How long does it take to recover?

While a surgical bum lift comes with a recovery time of around 6 weeks, the Brazilian Bum Lift with dermal fillers has hardly any downtime at all.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is a non-invasive treatment which means there is minimal recovery time. The injections only take around 45 minutes to complete with any soreness and swelling expected to disappear after two days.  

What filler is used in the non-surgical bum lift?

We use hyaluronic acid fillers to perform our non-surgical bum lift treatments. Hyaluronic acid has immediate results that continue to develop over the course of the next 6-8 weeks. Once injected, the fillers get to work stimulating natural collagen and elastin which rejuvenate the skin from within. The HA molecules in the filler also attract water which helps to plump the treated area.

How much does the Brazilian bum lift cost?

Prices for the non-surgical Brazilian bum lift from provider to provider, however expect to pay prices in the region of £99-£300 depending on how many sessions you require.

What is the aftercare advice for the non-surgical bum lift?

Clients are advised to take over-the-counter painkillers to help ease any pain from the procedure. However, pain is minimal and clients can return to normal activities within hours if there are no side effects. Most clients recover from any effects within two days.

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